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Given the meaning of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), corporate activities that focus only on compliance are incomplete. Indeed, companies today are required to go a step further and understand that they are members of society and must therefore give due consideration to social ethics, human rights, the global environment and local communities. Embracing this change in the social environment, the YLK Group is tackling its corporate social responsibility sincerely, determined to meet the expectations of shareholders while aiming to achieve sustainable development.



As Yusen Logistics’ leading athletes devote themselves to competing on the global stage, they elicit the empathy of our employees and help foster a sense of unity worldwide

Two swimmers, who compete both in Japan and overseas, work with us at Yusen Logistics. They rank among the leading swimmers in the world and, in order to be competitive, they devote themselves to training. This attitude embodies our true Values of Connected, Committed, and Creative, and elicits the admiration of our employees around the world. As we seek to achieve its TRANSFORM 2025 long-term vision, hopes are high that these swimmers will help foster a sense of organizational unity. Going forward, we will continue to provide an environment in which they can dedicate themselves to their sport, and the entire group will support them as they embark on new challenges.

Social contribution through swimming: swimming lessons for children!

Yusen Logistics is holding a series of swimming classes for children, led by Ayatsugu Hirai and Takumi Komatsu. Through its international logistics business, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of societies; at the same time, it is committed to being a good corporate citizen and, as such, each of its employees is aware of his or her responsibilities and takes part in a wide range of social contribution initiatives.

For further information regarding Yusen Logistics’ social contribution initiatives, please access the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) webpage.