Takumi Komatsu

100m and 200m Freestyle

Takumi Komatsu is a competitive swimmer specialized in 100m and 200m freestyle events who joined Yusen Logistics in 2017. Learn more about his career and athletic achievements.


Q1.What first inspired you to take up competitive swimming?

 When I was 4, I went on a family holiday to the beach. I was fascinated by swimming, so I started doing it myself. As an elementary school student, I attended a cram school and also studied piano and shogi (a Japanese game similar to chess), so there were times when I wasn’t serious about swimming. However, when I was 14, I saw someone in my grade receiving a prize at an athletics competition in the Kanto region, and I felt envious. I gave up my other activities, and began dedicating myself to swimming.

Q2.What type of training do you typically do?

 I swim 8 times a week, and do weight training twice a week. Before my swimming sessions, I do 1 hour or so of athletics training as well. Each swim session is approximately 2 hours long, but the distance varies a great deal—anywhere from 3,000m to 7,000m. On days I swim shorter, I do higher-quality power training.

Q3.What sort of training do you do to prepare for international competitions?

 On days when I swim longer, I might swim 14,000m over the course of 4 hours. However, my races are just 200 meters and last less than 2 minutes—this is just 1/70th the distance of what I might swim in a day, and 1/120th the time. For this reason, I typically focus on “quality” rather than “quantity.” I don’t practice for the sake of practicing; instead, I make sure that practicing will benefit me in competition—this means concentrating on times and trying to replicate race environments.

Q4.What do you think is the most important element of being a competitive athlete?

 “Continuity.” It is impossible to acquire new skills overnight—this is true not just of competitive swimming, but of everything. By doing the same thing every day, and by continuing to do it, an action becomes a habit—only then are you able to take possession of it as your own skill. I believe this ability to do something continuously and make it a habit is an athlete’s greatest strength.

Q5.What is your motto?

 “Nothing is more powerful than a smile” (this is a phrase I coined myself). When people are happy or excited, they naturally smile. My goal is to make as many people as possible smile through my swimming. I am not fighting alone—indeed, I am fighting together with everyone who supports me. I intend to continue to dedicate myself to swimming so that when 2020 comes, I will be smiling along with everyone.

Q6.What circumstances led you to want to represent Yusen Logistics in swimming? What is your impression of the company now that you are an employee?

 I first learned of Yusen Logistics at a qualifying event for an international competition in 2016, when I saw large numbers of employees cheering Ayatsugu Hirai on. I was overwhelmed by their sense of unity, and I felt I too wanted to represent Yusen Logistics as a swimmer. Since joining the company, I have received a great deal of support; as an athlete, this is the ultimate environment.


Thank you to everyone for all your support. I am truly grateful.

I have to confess, I am not a genius. There are times when I complain, and when I can’t swim as I would like. During my competitive career, I have encountered a number of setbacks. The reason that I am able to concentrate on my swimming, with the aim of competing at the international multi-sport competition that will be held in 2020, is thanks to all of your support.

“Nothing is more powerful than a smile”

It goes without saying I want to achieve success; however, it is also my goal to become an athlete that can inspire people to smile.

Competitive swimming is widely regarded as an individual event, but I don’t believe this to be true. Of course, once I am in the water, no one can help me. However, when I race, I carry your kind thoughts in my heart. In the final stages of a race, when the going gets really tough, I am able to summon up extra effort when I think of all your “smiles.” My connection to all of you literally drives me forwards.

Although my races do not even last 2 minutes, I believe it is worth dedicating a lifetime for the sake of those 2 minutes. Going forward, I very much hope that you will continue to cheer me on. I will use the bonds between us as motivation, and do everything in my power to secure a place in the international multi-sport competition in 2020.

Takumi Komatsu

  • Employment Date: April 1, 2017
  • Department: Career Development Section
    Human Resources & General Affairs Department
  • Date of Birth: August 24, 1994
  • Main Event: 100m and 200m Freestyle
  • Personal Best: 100m: 49.46
    200m: 1:48.07

Career Highlights

2012 The 80th Inter High School Athletic Meeting 200m freestyle Gold
  The 5th Jr Pan Pacific Swimming Championships 4×200m relay Gold
  The 16th Asian Swimming Championships 200m freestyle Bronze
2014 The 90th Japan Swim  400m freestyle 4th
2015 The 92th Inter College Swimming Championships 4×200m relay, Gold
  The 28th Summer Universiade 4×100m relay Silver
2016 The 92th Japan Swim 200m freestyle 6th
2017 The 68th Japan corporate (Jitsugyodan) Swimming Championships 100m freestyle Silver
2018 KOSUKE KITAJIMA CUP 2018 200m freestyle Silver