The Company's Management Strengths

What are the management strengths of Yusen Logistics?

The company's strengths lie in the well-balanced business portfolio, and in its wealth of human resources expertize, both supporting its business growth.

Well-balanced business portfolio

The company's Net sales are divided almost equally in terms of region across Japan, the Americas, Europe, East Asia and South Asia & Oceania. Our three core areas of ocean and air freight forwarding and contract logistics services are likewise balanced.
This minimizes the company's exposure to risk and strengthens its management foundation.

Net sales

Structure by 5 region


Structure by 3 businesses

Human Resources, an Invaluable Asset

The global logistics market is driven by knowledge and expertise applied with careful attention to the distribution requirements of the customer. The corporate group is staffed with personnel working around the world and possessing extensive knowledge and experience of global logistics.

Number of employees: 23,544

(As of 31st March 2021)