In order to maintain being the "Trustworthy" logistics service provider to our worldwide customers, Yusen Logistics believes that establishment and maintenance of a group compliance system is one of our highest priorities.
Unlike a product manufacturer or a carrier who operates ships and aircrafts, we are the company that is based on the day to day activities of our employees. We understand that our most important assets are our employees, and their knowledge and experience.
In order to maintain this trust and ensure our employees can act to the best of their abilities, our group's officers and employees act in accordance within all local and international laws, and understand the significance and importance of compliance in our daily activities.
Yusen Logistics has established a "Code of Conduct" which officers and employees of the group must comply in performing our day to day business activities.
We believe that compliance to this "Code of Conduct" is the first step of providing superior service and obtaining the trust of our customers.

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To our suppliers

Yusen Logistics Group ("YL Group") are fully aware of the social responsibility towards our stakeholders in which we do business. Therefore, we must comply with our own ethical standards, which is Yusen Logistics Group Code of Conduct. In recent years, with the global issues such as violation of human rights, bribery, and acts of environmental destruction having emerged with the globalization of supply chains, it is required to address compliance activities for not only individual companies but also all associated entities in the supply chains. For this reason, we expect our suppliers, who is assigned to provide service for our customers on our behalf, to have a common understanding of business ethics standard. In line with this concept, we would like to request all suppliers to be committed to practicing the code as set forth below.