Globalization of trade has improved the lives of countless people around the world, but there are inevitable environmental costs. As a leading supply chain logistics company, we believe we have a vital role to play by managing environmental risks.

Reducing our carbon footprint

ISO 14001
Yusen Logistics has ISO 14001 certification for warehouses and offices, primarily in Europe.
Reducing environmental loads
We seek to reduce environmental loads by using resources efficiently, saving energy, reducing waste. Examples include:=(photo 1)
-A large-scale solar power generator, with 500kW output, in New Jersey USA. The electricity generated is used in the warehouse, with excess wattage sold to local power companies.
-LED lighting is being introduced in warehouse facilities, and is already implemented in our Japanese locations.

A large-scale solar power generator, with 500kW output, in New Jersey USA.


LED lighting in our Japanese locations.

CO2 emissions calculator

In response to increasing enquiries from customers about CO2 emissions from cargo transport, we have a publicly-available system for the calculation of CO2 emissions produced when containerships or international air freighters transport cargo.
Please note that CO2 emissions calculator for ocean transport by container will be terminated from 2nd July 2018,due to establishment of container shipping business integration by Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha.

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