Management Team

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President and Representative Director
  • Kenji Mizushima
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Europe Region, South Asia & Oceania Region
  • In charge of Internal Audit Group, Quality & Performance Improvement Group
Representative Director Executive Vice President
  • Toru Kamiyama
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Japan Region, Americas Region, East Asia Region, Ocean Freight Forwarding Group
  • In charge of Air Freight Forwarding Group, Contract Logistics & Transport Group, Supply Chain Solutions Group, Process Management Group
  • Corporate Officer of Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (Significant concurrent positions)
Managing Executive Officer
  • Yasuhiko Ueda
  • Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)
  • Legal Group, Assists to Japan Region
  • In charge of Human  Resources Group
Executive Officer
  • Hideo Saito
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Finance Group
  • In charge of Corporate Development Group, Strategic Investment Group
Director (Part-Time)
  • Minoru Futonaka
Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee Member
  • Misao Kondo
Outside Director,Audit & Supervisory Committee Member(Part-Time)
  • Hiroshi Toda
Outside Director,Audit & Supervisory Committee Member(Part-Time)
  • Takahisa Miyauchi
Executive Officer
Managing Executive Officer
Kunihiko Miyoshi
  • In charge of Chief Regional Officer of Americas Region
  • Chairman of Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc.
Managing Executive Officer
Hiroyuki Okamoto
  • Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)
  • Japan Region Business Support Division, East Japan Sales Division 1, Central Japan Sales Division, West Japan Sales Division
  • In charge of Business Development Group 1, Business Development Group 2, Chief Regional Officer of Japan Region(Japan Region Business Promotion Division, East Japan Sales Division 2, Air Freight Forwarding Department, Ocean Freight Forwarding Department, Contract Logistics Department, Business Development Department, Planning Department )
Executive Officer
Yoshiaki Shirata
  • In charge of Japan Region Business Support Division (General Manager of Japan Region Business Support Division), Human Resources & General Affairs Department, Finance Department, Information Business System Department, Customs Clearance Control Department
Executive Officer
Satoshi Watanabe
  • In charge of Legal Group (Head of Legal Group), Chief Compliance Officer
Executive Officer
Seiji Yuzen
  • In charge of Managing Director of Yusen Logistics Global Management Limited
Executive Officer
Masahiko Nagata
  • In charge of Central Japan Sales Division (General Manager of Central Japan Sales Division)
Executive Officer
Hidenori Hara
  • In charge of Chief Regional Officer of East Asia Region
Executive Officer
Tetsuhiro Shimizu
  • In charge of Chief Regional Officer of South Asia & Oceania Region
  • President of Yusen Logistics (SAO Region) Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer
Yasuyuki Takahashi
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • In charge of IT Planning Group, IT Development Group, Digital Innovation Group
Executive Officer
Shinji Miyoshi
  • In charge of Ocean Freight Forwarding Group (Head of Ocean Freight Forwarding Group)
Executive Officer
Yoshitaka Aoki
  • In charge of Finance Group (Head of Finance Group)
Executive Officer
Hirohito Enomoto
  • In charge of East Japan Sales Division 1 (General Manager of East Japan Sales Division 1)
Executive Officer
Takeshi Kitaura
  • In Charge of West Japan Sales Division (General Manager of West Japan Sales Division)