President's Message

Kenji Mizushima, President

As a global company providing logistics services in 45 countries and regions, Yusen Logistics needs to better understand our diversifying corporate social responsibility and contribute to sustainable growth for business and communities. To help us do this, in 2017 we have defined our Vision, Mission and Values, and used this to map out our Long-Term Vision, “TRANSFORM 2025.”

The Vision, Mission, and Values guide everyone who works at Yusen Logistics across the world. Further enhancing the values we provide—namely Insight, Service Quality and Innovation—will enable us to create better connections with our customers and this, I believe, will lead to sustainable growth.

We are aiming to contribute not only to the success of our customers and stakeholders, but to the success of their customers—or, in other words, to communities as a whole—and thereby become a world's preferred supply chain logistics company.

Our vision; how we can achieve this vision; and when we can realize this vision—all are laid out in TRANSFORM 2025, and we will set about executing this step by step.

At Yusen Logistics, we will uphold our new Vision, Mission, and Values to join together with all the other Group companies and, through our collective business activities, contribute to the realization of a better future.