Company Profile


Yusen Logistics is a global logistics provider delivering quality services and projects to our customers. Yusen Logistics Brazil, has branches in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Amazonas and Rio Grande do Sul, with a network covering ports and airports.



Contribute to global economic development and maximize corporate value by earning the trust of our customers through quality logistics services.



Become a global logistics provider with diversified and quality services.



Customer-Centric: We provide services of value to our customers as a total logistics service company.


Quality / On-Site (Gemba) Oriented Management: We relentlessly pursue quality and on-site capabilities in our management.


Quality Policy

Yusen Logistics Brazil is a company committed to understand and satisfy our customer requirements, as well as to seek the continuous improvement of the services provided.


Quality Objectives

Seek to meet customer needs.

Seek to meet customer requirements.

Seek to improve inventory accuracy.


HR-Oriented Management: We emphasize the motivation of our employees, who execute our services.


Environmental Management: We strive to preserve the environment while fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.





Address: Av. do Turismo, 13.520 – Tarumã - Manaus – AM - CEP 69041-010

Phone: 55 (92) 3228-2637


São Paulo


Address: Rodovia Anhanguera Km 26,5 - Distrito de Perus - São Paulo – SP – CEP 05275-960

Phone: 55 (11) 3908-9700



Address: Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1336 - 6° Andar – Pinheiros - São Paulo – SP – CEP 01451-001

Phone: 55 (11) 4064-9300



Address: General Câmara 168 Sala 12 - Centro - Santos

Phone: 55 (13) 3394-5131