Introducing a new standard in pharma warehousing 

In 2018, Yusen Logistics Benelux opened its Antwerp Healthcare Center on Yusen’s Antwerp Logistics Campus.

With growing demand from customers, this 8,000m
2 GDP-certified pharma warehouse, equipped with both cold store (2-8 °C) and ambient storage (15-25°C) sections, soon reached its maximum storage capacity.To continue to meet the demand, we are now further expanding. Adjacent to the existing warehouse, we will construct an efficient, sustainable and semi-automated 17-meter-high warehouse. This new warehouse will have an ambient temperature level (15-25 °C) and a storage capacity of more than 15,000 pallets, and it will fully comply with the European GDP regulations for storage and handling of pharmaceutical products.


The new 'smart warehouse' will operate almost completely autonomously: it will feature a ‘narrow aisle racking’ installation with induction-driven, unmanned trucks that locate the correct pallet through sensor-controlled positioning. This automation brings the great advantage that the warehouse will be operational 24/7, and it can be deployed extremely flexibly. It also allows maximum thoughput speed of pallets with minimum human error, reducing the risk of damage and accidents.

Preparations have already started: delivery and commissioning of the warehouse are planned for December 2020.