Company Profile

Yusen Logistics (Korea) Co.,Ltd. has contributed to development of the distribution industry in line with Korea's growing economy over the past 20 years.

We continue to improve the service we offer by being registered for International Logistics Brokerage Association in 2003, acquiring the license from IATA for its agent in 2004 and ISO9001 certification in 2005. In the following year Gimpo Logistics Center successfully attained Class ‘A’ status authenticated by TAPA, and we have acquired a bonded transportation license in 2007 and AEO certificate in 2010.

Yusen Logistics (Korea) Co.,Ltd. has laid strong foundation to obtain a variety of licenses necessary for becoming an integrated logistics company over the past several years.


At present about 90 of our dedicated staffs  of Yusen Logistics Korea currently offers total logistics services to domestic and foreign customers at Incheon Airport, Gimpo Logistics Center, and Gimhae Airport Office, based on Mapo Headquarters, utilizing advanced logistics technology, information technology and global network.


In addition, the company operates its own internal information team and is actively investing in the IT field, making efficient work systems by integrating its headquarters-focused branches and offices into an integrated network.

Service Outline

Yusen Logistics (Korea) Co.,Ltd. operatres 250 square meters of warehouse in Incheon Airport IACT, and 4,000 square meters of warehouse in Gimpo Logistic Center. Incheon mainly handles air cargo while Gimpo focuses on 3PL and BWT to provide the best service to meet customers' needs and requirements.


Furthermore, we are operating shuttle truck services between Incheon airport and Gimpo airport for our customers for their cost saving and convenience. Gimpo has acquired TAPA CLASS "A" and is trying to improve safety and security in devliery and warehousing service.