Local Services

Triangular Trade Service

Essentially, this is to providing transportation services from suppliers in one country to demanders in another country.
Yusen Logistics (Korea) Co.,Ltd. has competitive edge thanks to our own networks and strategic relationships with other companies around the world.


Trucking Service

Yusen logistics Korea is providing a comprehensive trucking service which is delivered safely and promptly in collaboration with integrated transportation system and our own network. In addition, warehousing, custom clearing, and bonded-transportation services are also provided:

  • Nationwide Transportation Network
  • Air, Marine and 3PL Transportation Service
  • Operate Shuttle Trucks between Gimpo and Inchon
  • Custom Clearing and Bonded-transportation Service
  • No Shocking and Temperature/Moisture Preservation Service
  • Operate a specialized transportation service covering dangerous items and also for handling items to be displayed on the large scale project
  • Provide a total service on a door to door basis




Yusen logistics Korea is operating bonded warehouse and logistics warehouse in both Gimpo and Inchon airports.In order to provide storage services safely and promptly we are equipped with full range of facilities and equipments supported by experienced staffs on the site.


Incheon Airport Bonded Warehouse (FO warehouse)

  • Facilities : Bonded warehouse 250㎡
  • Equipments : 1 Forklift 3.0 Ton
  • Rack 50 Cells

We are operating 250 square meters of bonded warehouse equipped with security system 24 hours a day in the FO warehouse complex in the northern side of Inchon airport.
We are equipped with various types of equipments and facilities for safe storage prior to custom clearing.
Our storage charges are very competitive to serve our clients.
We are operating shuttle truck which has 8 ton wing body between Gimpo and Inchon for convenient processing of customers’ cargoes at economical cost.


Gimpo Logistics Center

  • Facilities : Bonded warehouse  6,793㎡ / Logistics warehouse 10,612㎡
  • Equipment : 4 Forklift 2.5 Ton, 8 Forklift 2.0 Ton, 1 Forklift 1.5 Ton
  • Rack 3,150 Cells
  • Wrapping machine
  • Booth 2,787㎡


We are operating 6,793 square meters of bonded warehouse and 10,612 square meters of logistics warehouse in the cargo terminal of Gimpo airport. For bonded warehouse we obtained TAPA Class A authentication to comply with security system requirements.
With spacious warehouse we are able to accommodate cargoes which need to be stored for long period of time.
Our professional staffs are offering their quality services for bonded warehouse transaction to store, deliver, and control inventory in a timely and prompt manner.
Our logistics warehouse in the Gimpo airport is providing best third party logistics services and we are operating 2,787 square meters of booth for processing under good environments.
We are equipped with quite modern wrapping machine to provide packing services to our customers.


Busan newport logistics center

  • Facilities : Bonded warehouse  4,616㎡
  • Equipment : 6 Forklift 2.5 Ton
  • Rack 2,076Cells
  • 1 Wrapping machine
  • Booth 615㎡


As Busan newport logistics center of YLK is far away about 0.7Km from Busan newport and about 20Km from Busan international Airport, there is a big advantage geographically in handling air & ocean shipment.
In additional, our logistics center is located in Busan Roksan industrial complex and about 4,616㎡ (1,399PY) of bonded warehouse is being operated.
Busan newport logistics center is an integrated bonded area of CY & CFS and it is possible to store bonded and non-bonded cargo both and possible to provide total through service with customers through import clearance & delivery.
For safe storage, our logistics center is equipped with 2,076 cells of rack system and all cargoes are lifted up & down by cargo elevators in safety.
Also all cargoes are managed by our own advanced stock management program by rack location and we are providing customers with customized 3rd party logistics services.


Air & Sea Services

Combining marine and air transportation vehicles altogether, we are capable of offering cheaper fare than air shipment and shorter time than marine transportation. What we are doing mainly is that we are using vessels to the ports in west coast of North America and once arrived there we are using air carriers to final inland destinations. Recently, we developed new product called “Peninsular Bridge” connecting Japan-Korea-China using Ferry boat, vessel and airplane whereby 5-7days can be saved with some 30~60% of reduced fares.


Project, Exhibition


Most optimized services tailored to customer’s cargo are available based on our years of experiences for a variety of cargoes.
After selecting most appropriate mode of transportation for large scale machineries and equipments and most optimized route to final destination, we are providing one-stop service to meet whatever request we receive from our customers to meet their requirements efficiently and promptly.


Scope of Business


  • Project Facilities Transportation: Press, Painting Facilities, Automation Facilities, Molding, Robots etc.
  • Project Cargoes: Movable Generators, other project related cargoes
  • Coil Marine Transportation: Bulk and container vessels
  • International Transportation for completed cars
  • Vehicle Test,, ATA Carnet Cargo etc.