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Daily update – 29 March 2020 20:00     Corona virus COVID-19 pandemic


LATEST NEWS: 28 March 2020

Belgian authorities have announced the extension of the Belgian instructions and measures until April 19th 2020 (end of Eastern school holiday), with possible extra extension period to May 3rd 2020, (still to be decided later). No other extra measures are announced.

Some international parcel distributors and freight carriers have announced to add an Emergency Situation Surcharge for their services, without any pre-discussion. Where applicable, Yusen Logistics Benelux will have to cross charge these surcharges to its customers.

Yusen Logistics supports extra activities to import shipments with facemasks by our healthcare customers.  These shipments are subject to extra customs and government checks, to assure quality. This will have negative impact on the delivery leadtimes.




All Yusen Logistics warehouses in the Benelux region are operational without major disruptions. Extra resources are in place to cope with increased healthcare volumes and urgent healthcare shipments.

National and international road transport:

Land transport teams are operational (via home office). Variation in transport lead-times may occur due to severe border controls, especially at Belgian borders. Extra Emergency Situation Surcharges  can be applicable.


AFF teams of Benelux and Scandinavia are operational (via home office). Air services have become extremely scarce across Europe entirely.  Please expect major disruption to this sector of the logistics industry, and the likelihood of significant premiums for ‘must move’ cargoes. 

Ocean Freight:

OFF teams of Benelux and Scandinavia are operational (via home office). No major disruptions in service.

National distribution networks:

  • White Gloves Distribution Services: One-driver rule implemented in Benelux, with impact on deliveries for larger machines. BE-network will be limited to care and social critical deliveries only as of 25 March 2020.
  • In-night Car parts delivery services: no major impact, network is still up and running. Reduced volumes are expected and will impact the network service as of week 14.


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