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White Glove Delivery Service

The term White Glove Delivery Service is used for the specialized transport of high-value technical products, devices or machines within the business-to-business segment, including placement and installation. This includes, for example, the delivery of medical equipment into hospitals, printers and multi-functionals in offices, graphical machines to print shops, vending machines, audiovisual devices, professional kitchen appliances, entrance technology etc.

We notice a trend that our customers in the Technology industry increasingly have technical activities carried out by logistics service providers during the delivery of the product. For example, assembly, adjustment, testing, connection to the server network and training of end-users.

This has quite some advantages for you:

  • As a supplier, you can fully concentrate on sales; peaks and dips in the delivery process will be

      absorbed by the logistics service provider.

  • In most cases, your customer can immediately start using the device without the intervention of

       one of your service engineers.

  • Any used devices can be returned immediately, without having to carry out a second trip later.
  • Your service engineers can focus on more specialist work.


Yusen Logistics has been a specialist in White Glove Delivery Services for decades. Yusen Logistics has various dedicated warehouses in the Benelux where high-value technical goods can be stored and managed. These warehouses include technical workshops for assembly, check-up, configuration and testing of equipment. For delivery to end-users in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as in the rest of Europe, Yusen Logistics has specialized means of transport and installation services.

The trained drivers of Yusen Logistics also take care of the technical installation of the equipment at your customers’ location, including connection to the server network. Office machines are therefore immediately ready for printing, scanning, e-mailing etc. after delivery by Yusen.

Returned devices can be refurbished on request or stored for spare parts. We also offer the option of certified data wiping from hard disks or destroying data carriers.

The entire White Glove logistics is supported by the Customer Service Center of Yusen Logistics, which acts as a control tower. Project managers are responsible for the coordination between you as our customer and your end-users. They manage the entire transport, arrange any on-site assistance and provide progress reports, evaluation or aftersales service. The quality of our services is continuously measured by an independent agency and adjusted if necessary. On a scale from 0 to 10, the surveyed end customers rate the Yusen logistics Final Mile service on average with a 8.6.


Innight Car Parts Delivery Service

Yusen Logistics offers a unique service for the automotive industry in the Benelux region: overnight deliveries of car parts to dealer’s workshops. Parts that are ordered by a dealer today will be delivered to his workshop before 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. This service is directed by the Yusen Logistics automotive team in Herentals, Belgium. Here, the parts ordered during the day by the dealer companies of various leading European and Asian car manufacturers are delivered in bulk during the evening. After an ingenious cross-dock process, the parts are loaded onto around 60 distribution trucks and delivered to the car dealerships during the night. This way, around 8 to 10 thousand car parts find their way to around 500 dealer workshops in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Yusen Logistics Benelux is a pioneer in the field of overnight distribution of car parts and introduced this service in 2001. And the service has been developed ever since. The highly experienced Yusen customer service team guides the order flow from beginning through to end. Heavy, bulky and vulnerable parts such as engines, windscreens, body parts, bumpers, wheels and batteries are carefully included in the sorting process by our trained warehouse employees. After the cross-dock process and loading of the distribution trucks, the parts are delivered into a secured location at the car dealerships.

The entire parts distribution process is supported by a solid IT- platform, so that each part is fully traceable in real-time from the moment of arrival at the Yusen facility through to delivery at the dealer. The night distribution process of Yusen Logistics is constantly checked, monitored and measured and has maintained an exceptionally high On-Time-In-Full performance indicator score of more than 99.5% for years. The certainty of a solid and perfectly functioning in-night parts distribution system for your parts distribution business.