Update Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Customer/Partner information – Yusen Logistics Czech

17th April 2020, Corona virus COVID-19 pandemic update





As of 12 March, the State of emergency was declared by Czech authorities. After 30 days the State of emergency has been prolongated until 30 April 2020.


Travel restrictions will remain in place until further notice.  As of March 16, all foreigners without permanent or long-term residence (permit to reside for more than 90 days) are prohibited from entering the Czech Republic.  Also, citizens of the Czech Republic and foreigners with a permanent or temporary stay of over 90 days are prohibited from leaving the Czech Republic.  As of March 31, individuals who are allowed to enter the Czech Republic must remain in self-isolation for 14 days.


All individuals in the Czech Republic outside of their home MUST cover mouth and nose with either a protective medical mask, self-made mask, or a scarf.  People should also maintain a safe distance of at least two meters.


For detailed information about the Czech state of emergency, please visit



On Sunday, March 15, Slovakia declared a state of emergency over concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Measures adopted by local authorities evolve quickly and are usually effective immediately. Depending on the evolution of the outbreak in other countries, authorities are likely to modify at very short notice.

For detailed information about situation in Slovakia, please visit




All Yusen Logistics warehouses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are open and working, except those which are affected by the shutdown of Automotive producers, where there are running only non-automotive projects. For all our warehouses we implemented wide range of measures to keep our employees, partners, and customers safe. Please inform yourself about specifics in place for each warehouse via your Yusen contact person, local customer service or Branch manager.

We expect, all our warehouses will be back to normal operation in May, because most of the automotive producers will start again 4th of May 2020.


National and international land transport in the Czech Republic and Slovakia:

Both LTL and FTL departments are operating with no restrictions (transports controlled via home office), X-Docks in Senec (SK) and Strančice (CZ) fully operational.

Some delivery delays on international transports may occur due to unforeseeable situation on the borders.



AFF team of Czech are operational (50% office and 50% home office to minimize risks). Air services have become extremely scarce across Europe entirely.  Prague airport operate really limited flights at the moment, but situation is improving slightly. Please expect major disruption to this type of transport, and the likelihood of significant impact to freight costs. We can provide you solutions via our European gate ways for your cargo.

Ocean Freight:

OFF team of Czech are operational (50% office and 50% home office to minimize risks). Services are in operation with slightly limited carrier´s services for the time being. We need to remind our customers that while we are working to mitigate the risks of detention, demurrage and other additional fees, any charges beyond the control of Yusen Logistics may result in additional costs for our customers.