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Air Freight Forwarding

Our seamless air freight forwarding activities are ensured through 240 offices around the world, with door-to-door service. Professional handling of shipments is coordinated by our office at Budapest Airport and we also have scheduled road connections with major airports of the region (Munich, Vienna).

Other services related to air freight forwarding:

  • WEB-based trace and tracking
  • ULD (Unit Load Device) services with direct weekly truck journey to Budapest
  • Air forwarding of hazardous, perishable, or oversized goods
  • Electronic customs procedures, customs formalities at airports, insurance available on request
  • Handcarry services


Relying on our extensive experience in the area of air freight forwarding we select the shortest and most optimal route, give recommendations and also perform packaging upon request, ensuring the required transport temperature for the given goods.

For any questions regarding air freight forwarding consult our expert colleagues at the following contact details:

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Ocean Freight Forwarding

For Yusen Logistics maintaining the excellent quality of its services while flexibly managing the needs of its clients are key priorities. Our global headquarters are located in Hong Kong, with regional centres in Asia, North America, and Europe. This global control structure stimulates effective communication, fast and accurate decision-making, helping us react to developments in the industry. We like working close to our clients. In Europe we are present with over 35 offices for our clients, where our sales staff can manage special regional issues thanks to their local expertise and with the support of a global network.

We can also offer solutions to complex problems related to full (FCL) and less than (LCL) container loads through a unique consolidated container shipped weekly from Asia.

The main advantages of this service are:

  • Direct delivery of the container to the BILK in Budapest
  • We offer shipping from all major Asian ports
  • Weekly scheduled departures with short transit times
  • Possibility of freight forwarding towards Austria, Slovakia, and Romania (CEG – Central European Gate)
  • No subcontractors involved: cost-effective, safe, with minimal risk of damage to goods


For any questions regarding sea freight forwarding consult our expert colleagues at the following contact details:

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Land Freight Logistics

Thanks to our extensive European network we offer complete coverage for international road transportation tasks involving full trucks, partial loads, or consolidated forwarding. Our transport organisers are extremely knowledgeable about the market and can meet any freight forwarding need quickly and efficiently. Our subcontractors, who all hold ISO and AEO certification, have been working in close cooperation with us for years.

We evaluate the quality performance of our subcontractors on a monthly basis, and reward the subcontractor of the year based on combined results.

Sevices related to road freight forwarding:

  • Shelf and block storage options within the BILK
  • Web-based inventory tracking
  • Nationwide distribution trace and tracking
  • Indirect representation as customs clearance agents
  • Bonded and tax warehouse services
  • Nationwide distribution based on pallet or weight-based tariffs
  • International road transportation from 1 box up to full truck loads
  • East-Central European distribution services


For any questions regarding road freight forwarding consult our expert colleagues at the following contact details:

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Customs Services & Storage

Our dust-free high-bay warehouse with an internal height of 12 metres was built using modern technology and possesses the fire safety and security systems compliant with standards.

Main features:

  • Nearly 10,000 m2 of storage space for 10,000 Euro pallets, with block or high-bay storage solutions
  • 32 gates; with accessible “dock system” fitted with a hydraulic dock leveller
  • Modern technological conditions, up-to-date (real-time) register of inventories, use of barcode system
  • On-line inventory monitoring available to our clients


Through our network base that covers the entire world we offer comprehensive storage and distribution services, including e-performance, special storage, and safe distribution at national and international levels. With our cross-docking service we achieve maximal utilisation through several departure and destination stations.

Our customs brokerage activities are carried out at the BILK (Budapest Intermodal Logistics Centre) by our own colleagues, while in Hamburg and Koper with the involvement of our representatives.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Operating a tax warehouse and type “A” public customs warehouse, managing the change of proprietors in customs and non-customs status
  • Simplified customs procedures upon request
  • Simplified procedure for placing goods on the market - AIS
  • Export customs procedures, simplified/normal AES
  • Temporary importation
  • TC33 customs guarantee
  • Goods forwarding permitted sender/receiver
  • We hold an AEO certificate


For any questions regarding storage and customs administration consult our expert colleagues at the following contact details:

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Auxiliary Services


We have signed a framework agreement for freight forwarding liability insurance, which covers classic freight forwarding, auxiliary activities, (storage in rented warehouse, domestic freight forwarding, customs administration, customs clearance, goods management and goods handling), comprehensive guarantee on the basis of the TC 33 customs document for the countries indicated in the surety document, covering the entire world and sea, road, air, rail and consolidated freight forwarding modes for commercial, ADR, and oversized goods alike. We have held a risk liability insurance policy with our insurance company continuously since 2 July 2005.

Supply chain management

Our client-specific solutions provide value to our customers. Our services are supported by cutting-edge IT systems that ensure flexibility, transparency, and cost optimisation. We are proud to offer outstanding quality throughout the entire supply chain, from orders to deliveries. Continuous improvement of quality is realised through a structured Kaizen programme.

Shipment tracking

We use modern IT systems to support our global services, which enable flexibility, control, and transparent communication.

By clicking on the reference found on our website our clients can benefit from real-time trace and tracking services for individual freight forwarding modes.

The NYK group is continuously working on new technologies to further optimise the protection of shipments from even the slightest damage (mechanical impacts, condensation, or other unfavourable conditions).


General Terms and Conditions

All business and transactions conducted with Yusen Logistics (Hungary) Kft., of whatever nature, shall be performed in accordance with current "Hungarian General Forwarding Conditions".

Any written order or request for quotation related to forwarding activities establishes a forwarding contract if confirmed in writing by our company, and both parties agree on all related contractual conditions. For the provision of some services, and when appropriate, Yusen Logistics (Hungary) Kft. may use trusted subcontractors.



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