15 years in Russia: the results of the anniversary year.

Yusen Logistics Russia sums up the last year (Japanese companies traditionally start the fiscal year on April 1), in which our company celebrated 15 years of business in Russia.


To better support our customers, we expanded the regional warehouse network last year. In addition to the main warehouse in the Moscow region, we opened two new warehouse projects – in Krasnodar, for customers of the Novorossiysk branch, and in St. Petersburg, for local car manufacturers and their suppliers. Among our customers are global brands, including home appliance and car manufacturers. For the project in St. Petersburg, we purchased new tilt semi-trailers, increasing the company’s fleet by 30%.


In addition to expanding the warehouse network, we also opened two new operational offices. The first was opened at the largest border crossing point between Russia and European countries, in the city of Smolensk. This new office will ensure the quick customs clearance of goods arriving from Germany on their way to a car manufacturer client.


The second new office was opened at the largest air terminal in Moscow – Sheremetyevo – to organize round-the-clock processing of our customers’ air cargo. Among the customers are the largest brands in the retail, automotive and FMCG industries. For maximum efficiency, the office has its own fleet of small vehicles, which are not subject to weight restrictions on movement within the city.


This year, we have also significantly developed a network of direct railway supplies from China. Our company now operates with services from more than 15 stations in China. Over the year, the number of customers sending their cargoes by direct rail service increased significantly, and container traffic increased by 25%. Through this office, we organized transit deliveries from China to the EU for our global customers, as well as transportation to Russian cities.


This year our company also expanded the geography of road transport between Russia and EU countries, and successfully launched a route for trucking to Kazakhstan and Central Asia for global FMCG brands.


Our intra-European sea transportation service has developed tremendously too – over the year, our company was nominated for several large sea deliveries from Turkey and Portugal to Central Russia, through the port of Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg, for car manufacturers.


Working together, the office at the port of Vostochny and the St. Petersburg office organized a new service for direct railway connection between the two locations and on to Japan, and they are actively developing a service for urgent delivery from Asia to Europe through the port of Vladivostok.


The Vostochny team successfully completed a project for the delivery of large oversized parts for a coal terminal in the port of Vanino, on the Sea of Japan. In total, four vessels were involved in the project, and the total weight of the delivery was more than 20,000 FT. Multimodal projects were also implemented to deliver oversized cargo through the port of St. Petersburg from Europe, China and Japan.


We will continue on this positive path: the company plans to actively develop existing routes and new services, and we will launch a new IT infrastructure with advanced possibilities for our clients.


2020 is not going to be easy, but our company will continue to help our customers in developing their business, with the same high level of service they are used to. This is the way we will succeed – by keeping our obligations under any circumstances, we will help our partners during this difficult time to focus directly on their business, leaving logistical concerns to their reliable partner – Yusen Logistics.


Thanks to all our clients, we exist for you!


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