Focus Areas and Countries

Indochina Multi-Modal Transportation

Yusen Logistics' South East Asia Link (SEAL) service is a cross border trucking service which connects Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, providing Full Truck Load service (FTL) as well as Less than Truck Load (LTL) solutions. The service operates five times a week between Singapore and Malaysia, and runs two-three times a week connecting Malaysia with its northern neighbors Thailand (Bangkok) and Vietnam (Hanoi).

The SEAL solution helps to cut cost and lead times, compared to other logistics modes. For example, in the high-demand corridor between the Thai and Vietnamese capitals, the price is approximately half that of air freight forwarding, and 10 days quicker than for ocean freight movement(*). All vehicles in the fleet are equipped with GPS, helping to ensure a well-equipped system for confirming freight status and for quality assurance.

(*) Figures vary according to conditions

Yusen Logistics is responding to growing demand with innovative services, increased capacity on existing routes, an expanded network to Myanmar, and by offering integrated multi-modal transportation solutions with air and ocean freight forwarding.

2015 is the start of the AEC ( Asean Economic Community), and Yusen Logistics will support our customers in connecting the Asean network and Indochina.

South Asia Emerging Market Logistics

Yusen Logistics is investing heavily in emerging markets such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar, with new offices established every year since 2013. As our customers continue to find new sourcing areas, Yusen Logistics continues to provide expertise in the South Asian logistics market.

South East Asia Link (SEAL)

Transportation Network in South Asia using South China hub