Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Logistics

Dedicated Solutions for the Global Healthcare Industry, Delivered with Full Compliance

Yusen Logistics has invested heavily over the past 20 years in developing specialist new services and resources in global healthcare supply chain. That’s why we can bring you so much extra value, allowing your supply chain to deliver strategic competitive advantage rather than simply being an unavoidable operational cost.

Our solutions which are quality driven range from the delivery of raw materials into the manufacturing process to delivery of finished drugs and equipment to in-market distributors, hospitals, pharmacies and surgeries.

Whether modelling and executing complex global solutions or providing regional operations, we have the logistics network and industry expertise to support the highly complex healthcare supply chain across all modes of air, ocean, and road.

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Global Organization Dedicated to Healthcare

With us you can be assured that your product will be handled by skilled people with extensive experience in this sector throughout your supply chain. We have global, regional and local healthcare dedicated sales, quality, and customer service team to give you access to our pharma logistics consultancy, ensuring that product integrity is never compromised and that innovation forms part of a continuous improvement process.

Quality Management System

A core factor of our global Good Distribution Practices implementation is the Quality Management System (QMS), which should comply with our global GDP standards. A QMS supports the daily business to effectively work according to GDP standards by providing thoroughly reviewed standardized operating procedures (SOPs) and work instructions. All our staff is trained accordingly and their training schedules are documented in the QMS. If a deviation occurs this will be recorded and acted upon, hence Events, CAPA (Corrective Action & Preventive Action) and Change Control procedures are implemented.


One of the tools Yusen’ uses to harmonize local QMS-es is AQua (Act on Quality), our Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS). In AQua each Operating Company has the possibility to manage their Documentation and Training-programs. Also global Events, CAPA and Change Control modules are available and are used to track and investigate any deviations. Whenever corrective and preventive actions are needed these will be coordinated through AQua as well. Our EQMS can also be used to record audit findings and adequately perform Third Party Management.

Strategic Planning

Transportation of healthcare products are very sensitive in a way they can be extremely high value and that we need to ensure temperature excursion and security breach does not happen. Yusen Logistics carries out route risk assessment via advanced IT system in order to plan out routings that will minimize those impact during transportation together with packaging solutions to mitigate any future risks we may foresee.

Temperature Controlled Services

We provide world-class temperature controlled services, across the healthcare supply chain, delivering raw materials, intermediates, finished drugs and medical devices to destination in perfect condition. First, we identify your needs as each supply chain is different and each customer has specific requirements for handling their pharma and medical products. After putting together a thorough analysis of your business we design a solution tailored to each client’s needs. We develop these bespoke solutions, using proven procedures that are integrated in our global quality management system and described in standard operating procedures (SOPs), to protect the integrity of your pharmaceutical products in transit. Our capabilities include dedicated and managed fleets with temperature-control capabilities and secure GDP compliant temperature controlled hubs. These controlled temperature (15–25°C), cold storage (2–8°C) and frozen storage (<–20°C) facilities allow us to offer warehouse capacity for a range of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products.

Control Tower Visibility and Management

Our control tower offers a single window to manage global air and sea freight movements, regional road transportation, together with a full range of customs and financial services, linking our offices around the world. Monitoring at every stage of the supply chain, we provide visibility and services tailored to the sophisticated and complex needs of the healthcare market.

 Cross border, temperature controlled coverage on a pan-European basis, offering the multi-client consolidation and shared-user transport.

Through a single portal, you can access a complete range of solutions. Let you act quickly, run operations smoothly and plan efficiently.

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