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Application Types

  1. Logistics sales work
  2. Supply chain solutions work
  3. Operations management work
  4. Marketing, and product planning and development work
  5. Project cargo work (handling of special goods)
  6. Logistics IT work
  7. Air freight importing and exporting sales and customer service work
  8. Ocean freight importing and exporting sales and customer service work

*For details, please see Qualifications Required for Applications

Qualifications Required for Applications

  • Educational qualifications: graduation from a four-year university course or higher
    (Generalist Path)

  • At least two years practical work experience
  • Required language ability (Japanese and English)
  • Ability to work regardless of location in Japan or overseas in the future

1. Persons with Logistics Sales Experience

  • Preparation of proposals/quotations for customers

- Required presentation skills

2. Persons with Supply Chain Solutions Experience

  • Understanding customers’ logistics issues, and associated information gathering and data analysis

  • Making optimal supply chain proposals based on analysis

  • Constructing logistics systems

- Logistics technical manager qualification is desirable

3. Persons with Operations Management Experience

  • On-site establishment, management and improvement of customer services

4. Persons with Marketing, and Product Planning and Development Experience

  • Development of products, equipment and systems for handling logistics requirements, and technical support

- Required presentation skills

- Ability to use PowerPoint, Excel, and Word

5. Persons with Project Cargo Experience

  • Heavy goods, large and long freight, special freight, etc. sales
  • Handling of purchasing (domestic and overseas)

  • Handling of inquiries about equipment transportation and conventional vessels

6. Persons with Logistics IT Experience

  • CRM projects
  • Introduction, operation and management of global CRM systems
  • Analysis of CRM information, and formulation of sales plans and strategies

- Required English language communication skills (TOEIC score of at least 730)

7. Persons with Experience in Air and Ocean Freight

  • Persons with experience in air and ocean freight forwarding, and NVOCC
  • Persons with experience in land, ocean and air integrated international shipping

Recruitment Guidelines

Employment status Permanent employees
Holidays and leave Weekends, annual paid leave, summer holidays, special leave (wedding, bereavement, maternity), etc.
* 120 non-working days per year (FY2012)
Salary As prescribed by the Company
Allowances Overtime allowance, commuting expenses, family allowance, registered customs specialist allowance, etc.
Salary increases Yearly (depending on ability and results)
Bonuses Twice per year
Benefits Systems: Social insurance, retirement pension, employees’ savings scheme, congratulatory/condolence money, childcare leave, reduced working hours due to childcare requirements, carer’s leave, reemployment system
Facilities, etc.: Contract accommodation facilities, membership system services (accommodation, recreation, food and drink, etc.),
Work locations Tokyo, Chiba, Hamamatsu, Nagoya, and Kansai region (Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto) etc.
※*Project cargo only in Hamamatsu, Nagoya and Kyoto

Application Method


Persons wishing to apply should do so by completing the Registration of Application for Entry form on the Company’s website.

Registration of Application for Entry(Japanese version only)

After consideration of the documents, applicants will be contacted within two weeks, regardless of whether or not they are successful.

*Resumes and other personal information received at the time of application will not be used for any purposes other than recruitment.

 The information is handled with the utmost care.

*Applications are strictly confidential.

Tracking System

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