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Logistics Center

Value-added service through large-scale, company-owned warehouse.

Our Tokyo Head Office serves as the hub for our distribution operations which include with extensive company-owned warehouses throughout Japan. Our core base is in Narita, the largest gateway to the nation, and additional sites are located in Hamamatsu, Nagoya (Centrair=Central Japan International Airport), and Osaka (Kansai International Airport).These warehouses provide value-added services including storage, bundling, and distribution processing, enabling the packaging of comprehensive solutions to fulfill advancing and diversifying requirements.

NaritaLogistics Center

We offer also expanded storage facilities featuring a quake-absorbing controlling system, controlled temperature and humidity storage, the latest IT, a cargo handling system, a "CLASS 1000" clean room for the inspection of high-precision instruments, and two licenses in accordance with the New Pharmaceutical Affairs.

Tokyo Bay Logistics Center

Tokyo Bay Logistics Center is located between Narita Airport and Haneda Airport and has good access to Tokyo Port. Air-conditioning and security facilities are in place, enabling us to provide supply chain logistics services tailored to the various needs of our customers.

HeiwajimaLogistics Center

The logistics center is located close to the Port of Tokyo, boasting a space of around 1,200 m2. It offers value-added pre-shipment services for ocean freight export such as container vanning, reinforced packing and application of shipping marks.

ChubuLogistics Center

In addition to its good location, the warehouse has an air conditioned area and has the latest IT and cargo handling systems.Enterprises with demanding logistical needs can also take advantage of Our global logistics services.

Kansai RinkuLogistics Center

Kansai Rinku Logistics Center is equipped with a generator as a BCP measure, and has established a system that can secure power even in an emergency.


We provide services according to customer's needs including stock, storage, distribution processing, and delivery of all sea / air import / export cargoes especially stock and storage of medical equipment-related items.

Osaka Bay Logistics Solution Center

We centrally manage contract logistics services and provide tailor-made supply chain solution services that meet customer needs.

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