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Strang System

What is the Strang System?

The Strang System is a safe and efficient method for securing heavy cargo such as steel products for intermodal transport in overseas shipping containers using a revolutionary system incorporating Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS). It is a new technology patented in many countries around the world, including Japan.

Applicable cargo

Steel coil, plate, elongated steel, steel wire, and some machinery


Highly efficient
  • High container loading ratio
  • Applicable with a large number of materials as it can take a unit weight of up to 15 tons
  • Significantly reduce the time required for vanning (Approx. 10 - 15 min. /container)
  • Heat and fumigation treatment are not required
  • EPS is extremely lightweight, meaning more cargo can be loaded
  • With its special properties, absorbs shock and acceleration induced during transport
  • Has a high static compression resistance for a heavy hold force
  • No lashing failure as there is no lashing at all
  • Reduced cargo displacement due to EPS's high friction coefficient
  • Reduced condensation due to next to none moisture contents in a EPS block
  • Applicable for products of various shapes, including steel coil, plate, elongated steel, steel wire, and some machinery
  • Applicable for a wide range of sizes and unit weights

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