After Service Parts

Semiconductor Production Equipment Manufacturer


  • To provide short response time to requests of replacement parts from the end-users of the client's products.


  • Set-up "Parts Banks" in five locations across Japan (two locations in the Kyushu region and one location each in Chugoku, Kansai and Tohoku regions).
  • Supply replacement parts from each of these Parts Banks, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • A part can reach the end-user's plant from the Parts Bank in 30 minutes.


  • With Yusen Logistics' service, the client is able to offer speedy after-sale services for the equipment it delivers.
  • The client was able to avoid the investment that would normally be required in constructing temperature controlled warehouses and other facilities.
  • Our service freed the client from the need to build a 24/7 delivery network for its replacement parts by itself.
  • The client was able to reduce costs, such as the costs associated with full-time staff and other personnel expenses needed to supply replacement parts.
  • By utilizing Yusen Logistics global network from origin, the client is able to centrally manage information on arriving and departing cargo and increase efficiency.