Aug 23, 2017

Yusen Logistics establishes a ULD Elevating Platform System inside its Shanghai Pudong International Airport warehouse

It's a first air freight forwarder to equip the elevating system. The establishment of this platform, enables us to conduct even higher-quality operations and commenced operations on July 10.

Yusen Logistics (China) Co., Ltd. has a warehouse inside Shanghai Pudong International Airport, which it uses to handle export and import cargo. Previously, we carried out unloading and sorting operations from ULDs after arriving at the airport, and delivered it to customers in a high-quality process.

Previous unloading operations required to use stepladders for work in high places and took a lot of time. Now, Yusen Logistics has established a ULD Elevation Platform System with lifting functions, and commenced import freight operations with the new facilities on July 10. Guard Plate have been erected around the ULD unloading area and truck station. This will prevent cargo damage from any mistakes made during the operation of trucks and forklifts. The new ULD Elevation Platform System eliminates the work in high places, which results in extremely safe and efficient operations and enables us to improve the quality of our entire service through the swift and smooth handling.


Our Group Long-Term Vision "TRANSFORM 2025", defines the Area Theme for the East Asia Region as “Expand international freight forwarding business aiming to be one of top class forwarders.” Yusen Logistics (China) is proceeding with the expansion of its ocean and freight forwarding services. By carrying out high-quality operation at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, which is a main location in Asia, we aim to improve our services and provide a supply chain logistics service that utilize of our global network.


* ULD : Unit Load Device - standardized cargo palette or container used for shipping cargo on air craft


ULD Elevating Platform System


Unloading and sorting operation


Guard Plate in truck station