Sep 27, 2013

Forest Foster Parent Contract Renewed

On October 1, we renewed our Forest Foster Parent contract with Tateshinamachi in Kitasakugun, Nagano Prefecture.

Our employees and their families have participated in forest management activities ever since our company signed the three-year Forest Foster Parent (Forest of Creation) Contract with Tateshinamachi in October 2010.

More employees each year have shown an interest in this activity, and approximately 300 people had participated in the program by the time the contract ended on September 30. We decided to continue with the program so that our company could contribute to environmental conservation and our employees could raise their environment consciousness.

During the upcoming three year period of the renewed contract from October 1, 2013 through September 2016, we will further expand our forestry activities in a 54.99 ha section of the forest area designated by the Tateshinamachi.

[The purpose of the Forest of Creation]
(1)Improve the functions of a forest, such as soil stability, preservation of water resources and as a source to absorb carbon dioxide.
(2)Use as an opportunity to educate/train employees about the environment.
(3)Contribute to revitalizing the region by interacting with local residents though foresting.

Forest management activity in June 2013