Jun 24, 2013

Yusen Logistics invests in Czech Republic

Yusen Logistics will open its doors to a brand new Warehouse near Prague, in Strancice on the core D1 highway to Slovakia and Hungary on August 1st.

The new site has been specifically designed to accommodate cross-dock operations in the automotive sector and will house extended warehousing space for retail clients. The total capacity will be 20,000sqm, which will satisfy all current and future customers.

The environmentally friendly constructed site includes 30 loading bays, four drive-in access routes and uses RFID technology to track stock throughout the warehouse. Energy efficient measures such as intelligent lighting systems and insulated dock levellers have been installed. What is more, Customer Services will now be conducted from the one site to further consolidate smooth supply chain operations.

The new location links easily to both national and international destinations throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

According to Mr. Michal Peter, Managing Director of Yusen Logistics (Czech) s.r.o., “Thanks to the new location and purpose built site, we will be able to offer customers more options for their supply chain management needs.”

<Strancice Branch>

Yusen Logistics(Czech) s.r.o.
Strancice Branch
Kunice 308, Strancice, 251 63(Zip Code), Czech Republic
TEL : (420)-323-577-222
FAX : (420)-323-605-377
18,850 m2
Operation Start
August 1st, 2013