Jun 04, 2013

Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc. Expands its Chicago Warehouse

Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc. (hereinafter YL-US) relocated its Chicago branch on May 20, 2013, to a site about 15 km from Chicago O’Hare International Airport with an expanded warehouse area of approximately 18,000 sqm, more than double its previous warehouse space. With this move,YL-US has now completed its logistics operation for a collection and delivery base capable of handling distribution demands for various products, including automotive parts, pharmaceuticals, and perishables, for the entire Midwest.

With a larger inventory storage area measuring 9,000 sqm in size, the new warehouse, located west of Chicago O’Hare Airport, can satisfy warehousing demand for the entire Midwest. The Chicago branch handles a wide range of cargo, including Class 3 hazardous items, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and perishables, in addition to automotive parts and aircraft components. YL-US has improved the branch’s logistical functions through an inventory management system and other IT solutions, and has acquired TAPA (*) certification in the Class A category as well as C-TPAT (**) certification. The new warehouse has the space and capabilities necessary for use as a collection and delivery base in the Midwest, where various products and materials are assembled for distribution.

In a further step, YL-US improved its cargo handling efficiency at the branch by using a container freight station (CFS) there for both air freight and ocean freight. Consolidated delivery and cross-docking (***) of cargo that arrive on the same day from different modes of transportation has become easier as a result of this measure. Anticipating expanded demand in the future, YL-US also plans to increase the number of shuttle trucks connecting the Chicago branch with the Laredo Logistics Center, a cargo gateway for the United States and Mexico, based on customer requests.

Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc.
Chicago Branch
1300 Busse Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, U.S.A.
18,030 m2 (1,400 m2: Climate control room / 280 m2: Freezer/Refrigerator>
Operation Start
May 20th, 2013
Approximately 15km west of Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Transported Asset Protection Association
This refers to a nonprofit association of security professionals including persons in charge of security at high-tech companies. Class A is the highest certification awarded by TAPA

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism This refers to a security program of CBP that is intended to strengthen international supply chain and security at the national border with the United States, as a voluntary attempt pursued jointly by the government and industry.

A method whereby cargo is collected from several vendors and amassed at a logistics center, then sorted by destination and delivered.