Oct 05, 2012

Far East Branch Established

Yusen Logistics RUS LLC (General Director: Mikhail Kholyavenko) has established the Far East Branch in Nakhodka, Russia, commencing business from September 17. In an area of strategic importance linking Eurasia and the Asia Pacific region, the branch will respond to the growing demand for logistics services in the Far East.

Established in Nakhodka, the second largest port city in maritime region in Russia, the Far East Branch is located approximately three hours’ drive from Vladivostok Airport. Vostochny Port is a major port that has been attracting attention in recent years both for its excellent fundamental infrastructure, with the container terminal connected by a bay-line to the Nakhodka branch line of the Trans-Siberian Railway, and as the maritime gateway for arrival and departure of cargo via the port from and to the Asia-Pacific region.

Previously operating mainly in cities on the Europe side of the country such as Moscow and St Petersburg, Yusen Logistics RUS LLC has now established the Far East Branch in response to the growing demand for logistics services between Eurasia and the Asia Pacific region.

The Far East Branch will provide a wide variety of logistics solutions, comprising ocean freight forwarding of automotive parts and consumer goods, distribution to Russian inland areas and CIS countries(*) using the Trans-Siberian Railway, and import and export customs clearance. The Far East Branch will also strive to enhance a variety of transportation services, utilizing its geographical advantage as the gateway between the Asia Pacific region and inland Russia.

YLK will continue to improve its services and develop its overseas network to respond to customers needs for more diversified and sophisticated logistics services.

<General Information>

Yusen Logistics RUS LLC
Far East Branch
Mr. Sergey Kan / Branch Manager
1 August, 2012
Operation Start
17 September, 2012
Russian Federation, Nakhodka, v. Vrangel, 692941
Vnutriportovaya str.23/6 office 206-207
TEL : (7)-4236-66-56-04
FAX : (7)-4236-66-56-04

(*) CIS
Abbreviation for Commonwealth of Independent States. Members include Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Belarus, as well as Russia.