Jul 31, 2012

YLK recorded 25.2 tons of CO2 absorption

Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd.(President : Hiromitsu Kuramoto ; "YLK", hereafter) received a foresting CO2 absorption certificate from Nagano Prefecture on July 18, 2012. The company recorded 25.2 tons of CO2 absorption in fiscal 2011.

The foresting CO2 absorption certificate, which is granted via Nagano Prefecture’s Adopt-a-Forest program, is a written recognition of an assessment on CO2 absorption resulting from initiatives implemented by environmentally-minded corporations.

CO2 absorption
25.2 t(*)
Assessment period
April 2011 - March 2012
Assessed forests
larch tree forest, European spruce forest
2035, Yashigamine, Ashida Hatsukano, Tateshinamachi, Kitasakugun, Nagano
3.02 ha

As a concrete initiative to support Japan’s National Campaign for Building Beautiful Forests, YLK began building new forests by entering into a three-year Forest Foster Parent (Forest of Creation) Contract with Tateshinamachi, Kitasakugun, Nagano Prefecture, in October 2010. Since then, the YLK’s employees and their families have been volunteering to help with forest development.

【 The purpose of the Forest of Creation 】
(1) Improve the functions of a forest, such as soil stability, preservation of water resources and as a source to absorb carbon dioxide.
(2) Use as an opportunity to educate/train employees about the environment.
(3) Contribute to revitalizing the region by interacting with local residents through foresting.

At the time of our integration in 2010, our Group positioned environmental management as a core value in business both at home and abroad. Our Group employees will continue to unite in order to implement substantial initiatives aimed at conserving the environment and contributing to society.

The ceremony to award the certification

The foresting CO2 absorption certificate


(*)25.2t is the same amount of :
11.0 family cars
3.9 family unit
78.8 people