Jul 20, 2012

First Ever Export of Fresh Eggs to Singapore from Centrair

Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd.(President : Hiromitsu Kuramoto ; "YLK", hereafter) managed the air shipment of fresh chicken eggs to Singapore from its Chubu Logistics Center. This was the first ever instance of fresh chicken eggs being exported from Chubu International Airport.

The eggs were delivered to the YLK’s Chubu Logistics Center (3-15-1, Centrair, Tokoname-shi, Aichi) at 14:30 on July 17 (Tue). Following the discharge of the cargo, detailed checks of its condition were carried out, and it was then stowed inside a temperature-controlled warehouse. An export declaration was later made, and the eggs were flown to Singapore on board flight SQ 671, leaving the following day, on July 18 (Wed).

Highly experienced staff provided a range of support to the operation as logistics consultants from the beginning, assisting with the coordination between Japan and Singapore to obtain import certification from AVA(*), verifying and proposing packaging methods to prevent the eggs from breaking during transport by conducting three trial deliveries, undertaking temperature control at the Chubu Logistics Center to keep the eggs fresh, even in the current hot climate, and other aspects.

Before exporting, giving full consideration to the fragile nature of the cargo, as well as the fact that the eggs had to remain fresh, handling was undertaken swiftly, paying careful attention to the details regarding discharge, inspection, packaging, storage and temperature control.

YLK will contribute to the achievement of an abundant society through its involvement in the development and exchange of global food culture by providing high quality, detailed logistics services.

(*)AVA AVA stands for Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore

Truck Carry-in

Temperature-Controlled Warehouse