Jun 26, 2012

Consolidation of the Automotive Logistics Services in Mexico

Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd. (President: Hiromitsu Kuramoto) is now ready to offer complete logistics service solutions that consolidate the automotive logistics services in Mexico and respond to overall logistics needs related to automotive and component production.

Japanese personnel will be assigned to the Celaya office of the Yusen Logistics Group in Mexico. The Celaya office is located in the Bajio area, where automotive assembly manufacturers and component suppliers are expected to gather. It is one of the three major Yusen Logistics bases in Mexico, alongside Mexico City and Monterrey. Currently, around 20 local staff members work at the Celaya office. The allocation of new Japanese personnel will establish an organization that Japanese customers find more satisfactory as well.

In May 2012, Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd. and Yusen Logistics (Mexico) S.A. entered into a business collaboration with Trucka, a major truck forwarding company in Mexico, to expand the milk run(*) and other land transport services in Mexico. Trucka has obtained C-TPAT(**) and ISO9001:2000 certification, and owns around 400 trucks and trailers that are all equipped with GPS devices.

Trailers of Trucka

Signing Ceremony with Trucka

Laredo Logistics Center

Yusen Logistics will continue to expand its services and improve transportation quality, including facility transport from Canada and the United States, materials and components procurement and logistics services via cross-border transport using trailers and railways, and cross-docking(***) services by Laredo Logistics Center in Texas, to offer even better services to customers.

【Main Logistics Service of Yusen Logistics (Mexico) S.A.】

  • Transport and installation services for heavy items and factory facilities
  • Cross-border trailer transport in North America
  • Cross-border railway transport in North America
  • Truck and trailer transport in Mexico (milk run, JIT(****) transport, and heavy item transport)
  • Services accompanied by warehousing in Mexico (inventories for non-residents, JIT delivery, inspection, packaging, sorting, assembly, etc.)
  • International air and sea transport (containers, conventional, car carrier vessels)
  • Customs clearance for import and export between the United States and Mexico

(*)Milk Run

This refers to circuit cargo pickup, which is one of the logistics systems. One vehicle travels to several shippers and picks up cargo to be delivered.


This refers to a security program of CBP that is intended to strengthen international supply chains and security at the national border with the United States, as a voluntary attempt pursued jointly by the government and industry.


A method whereby cargo is collected from several vendors and amassed at a logistics center, then sorted by destination and delivered.


JIT stands for "Just in time"