May 25, 2012

Website release of the NYK GROUP CO2 e-calculator system, enabling online checking of the amount of CO2 emissions emitted during cargo transport

Yusen Logistics, in a joint effort with NYK, has developed the NYK GROUP CO2 e-calculator that calculates the estimated amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted during international air and container ship freight transportation, and released the system on its website.
As the notion of a carbon foot print(*) has gained increasing public recognition in recent years, we believe that we assume the responsibility for knowing CO2 emission amount in all stages of transport - Between airports or ports in air or ship freight, and during delivery to our customers at cargo destinations -and providing this information to our customers.

By releasing this e-calculator system on our website, we offer the market an opportunity to understand the concept of carbon foot print during cargo transport and a method to calculate specific CO2 emission amount. The system was developed in English language for global usage. The system also contains a feature that enables users to download the data from the CO2 emissions calculations.

【Main Features】
① Corresponds to both international air freight and container ship freight
・Corresponds to international air and container ship freight and offers CO2 emission amount during the entire transportation process from origin to destination
② Corresponds to land transport at origin and destination, and assists in location selection
・It can also be used for truck and railroad (for China and North America only) transport at the origin and destination.
・By entering the origin and destination in English, and the system lets the user choose from among various location options (airports, ports, places of origin or destination).
③ Allows downloading of resulting data
・It allows downloading of the calculated CO2 emissions data.

The e-calculator system has passed LRQA Japan’s(**) third-party inspection verifying the accuracy of the system architecture.

Our Group continues its efforts to preserve the global environment and achieve a sustainable society.

※See the website below to access this system.


(*)”Carbon foot print” is a globally used term in recent days. Similar to the notion of ecological footprint advocated in the 1990’s, a carbon foot print sees CO2 emission as a “footprint” which human race leaves behind on grounds of global environment by our economical activities. It is usually expressed by total figures of CO2 emission amount released throughout a products life cycle, from manufacture to sale and then to usage and finally disposal.

(**)LRQA stands for Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. LRQA Japan is an independent Japanese certification/inspection institute.