Mar 05, 2012

Yusen Logistics Becomes First Japanese Forwarder to Launch Consolidation Service for North Africa-Bound Cargo

Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd. (President: Hiromitsu Kuramoto) has recently launched “North-Africa Connection Service,” a new consolidation service in Europe for cargo bound to three North African countries (Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco). This is a first for a Japanese forwarder.

This is a comprehensive transport service provided by the Yusen Logistics Group, in which North Africa-bound cargo that is collected by Yusen Logistics Group companies around the world will be consolidated in France and Spain where YUSEN LOGISTICS (FRANCE) S.A.S. or YUSEN LOGISTICS (IBERICA) S.A. will arrange delivery to North Africa. Cargo will be forwarded using the optimal mode according to customer needs, and staff at YUSEN LOGISTICS (FRANCE) S.A.S. and YUSEN LOGISTICS (IBERICA) S.A. will responsibly follow up on the forwarding from cargo shipment in Europe to arrival in North Africa.


Cargos will be able to be forwarded from Paris to five cities in three North African countries (Alger, Oran, and Constantine in Algeria, Tunis in Tunisia, and Casablanca in Morocco). As the service frequency is high, a flexible response will be possible. Cargo bound for Algeria will also be able to be forwarded from Marseille.

[Road Transit]

We can also arrange Road Transit service from PARIS-CDG to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. Suitable for Freighter size (heavy or volume) cargo that has no alternative solution. From Europe to North Africa, trucks (trailer trucks) with cargo loads will be carried by ferry.


Ocean Freight can be re-forwarded from Marseille and Barcelona to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. We can handle both FCL and LCL.

There is almost no time difference between France/Spain and North Africa, and the main business language in North Africa is French (or Spanish in north Morocco). YUSEN LOGISTICS (FRANCE) S.A.S. and YUSEN LOGISTICS (IBERICA) S.A. make smooth communicate with local agents on your behalf and offer safe and secure services to customers.

The Yusen Logistics Group will continue to provide high-quality services that are highly accessible to customers throughout the world.