Mar 15, 2011

In pursuit of continued improvement in transportation quality: Our proprietary device obtains a utility model patent in China!

Yusen Shenda Air & Sea Service (Shanghai) Ltd. (President: Yukio Umeda) has obtained a utility model patent after originally developing the ULD Corner Guard Connector, a device for reducing freight damage in air transportation.

The Yusen Logistics Group has encouraged the use of ULD (*) with an aim of improving the quality of its air freight transportation. This helps drastically reduce freight damage such as wet cartons and dents. To ensure that customers’ freight arrives safely at the specified destination, a great deal of ingenuity is exercised around the world in harmony with the relevant logistic environment. The ULD Corner Guard Connector, the utility model patent of which has recently been obtained in China, is designed to fix and protect cartons at their corners when freight with lower strength is shipped in large quantities. The Connector is made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene).

Our Group will continue its efforts to offer detailed and high-quality logistic service to meet all demands from customers.

ULD Corner Guard Connector

Example of Use

Example of ULD Buildup

*ULD, an abbreviation for Unit Load Device, is a kind of pallet for air freight transportation. In this service, forwarders stow freight in ULD at the forwarders' own facility in the place of depature and hand over it to carriers. After arrival, the carriers pass the freight on to the forwarders in the unit of ULD and the forwarders unloads it from the ULD at thier own facility.