Jan 31, 2018

Yusen Logistics awarded Best Professional Service by Renesas

Yusen Logistics has been awarded Best Professional Service by Renesas on 12th December 2017.

The Best Professional Service Award is given by Renesas to suppliers and companies that have made the most contributions in the field of services requiring a high level of specialization. Yusen Logistics has been selected for this prestigious award in recognition of the global activities that it has conducted in cooperation with Renesas. These activities include proactively offering proposals for the establishment of a distribution center in Malaysia, and the optimization of logistics costs in overseas logistics reform projects. The award was presented at a ceremony on “Renesas Supplier's Day,” hosted by Renesas on December 12, 2017. This is the first time that Yusen Logistics has received this award from Renesas.


Yusen Logistics’ Malaysian subsidiary, TASCO BERHAD, has established a distribution center inside the free commercial zone in Kuala Lumpur Airport, which began operations in May last year. The center has been specially designed to handle semiconductors, with a clean room that meets CLASS 8 standards for sorting semiconductors. It gathers together products produced by Renesas’ Malaysian factory and acts as a global hub for their products worldwide. Yusen Logistics will continue to conduct improvement activities going forward in order to smoothly carry out warehouse operations and shipping to overseas destinations.


Like our tagline, “Insight into Action,” we will move forward as one to apply “insight” and provide bespoke supply chain logistics.


Award ceremony

(From Left to Right in the picture)

Mr. Manabu Kawashima, Executive Vice President at Renesas Electronics Corporation.

Mr. Tetsuhiro Shimizu, Director at Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd.


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