Dec 17, 2018

Yusen Logistics (Lao) Co., Ltd. Established

Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd. has established Yusen Logistics (Lao) Co., Ltd. in Lao People's Democratic Republic. Operations will commence on January, 2019.


The real GDP growth rate in Laos has remained at around 7% in recent years, with high economic growth rates continuing. Infrastructure development is proceeding mainly in the Economic Corridor of the Mekong region. In addition to investment from Japan and China, foreign companies that have already established operations in Thailand as Thailand+1 are attracting attention. Laos, a landlocked country surrounded by China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, is expected to see further demand for logistics as a hub connecting countries with the advantages of its location at the heart of the Mekong region.


Since 2014, Yusen Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has provided logistics services to Laos through its distributors, but we decided to establish the Laos corporation because of the anticipated demand for logistics in line with further economic growth. This will strengthen our sales capabilities in anticipation of rising demand for logistics, as well as create a smoother operation system. The new company will have its headquarters in Vientiane and its branch in Pakse to provide a range of logistics services, including ocean and air freight forwarding, domestic delivery, cross-border truck transportation, and customs clearance, as well as warehousing and logistics consultancy services.


Following the establishment of Cambodia in 2013 and Myanmar Corporation in 2014, the establishment of a new corporation in Laos has resulted in the development of a company network in all of the Mekong economic zones, where expectations for further economic development are growing. By leveraging our own network, we will provide faster and higher-quality logistics services and continue to meet the diverse needs of our customers by leveraging our global network.


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Yusen Logistics (Lao) Co., Ltd.


Royal Square Office Building, 20 Samsenthai Road, Nongduang Nua Village, Sikhottabong Distrit, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.


December, 2018

Operation start

January, 2019


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