Oct 15, 2019

Yusen Logistics participates in Community to obtain CEIV Pharma certification at Narita International Airport

Yusen Logistics will join the community, a group formed by Narita International Airport Corporation, to acquire joint CEIV Pharma certification at Narita International Airport in Japan.


CEIV Pharma certification (The Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics) is an air transport quality certification of pharmaceutical products formulated by The International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA's CEIV Pharma comprehensive coverage of global GDP(*) as a global unified standard for pharmaceutical air transportation and helps the industry to improve the transport and handling of pharmaceutical products.


The establishment of the community, combined with joint CEIV Pharma certification, will enable it to provide even safer, high-quality pharmaceutical transportation. We will also participate in the community and aim to complete the certification.


Yusen Logistics is strengthening its logistics services for medical and pharmaceuticals products around the world. November 2016, Yusen Logistics (Benelux) B.V. utilized Pharma Gateway Amsterdam—a community centered on Amsterdam Airport Schiphol—to become the first Japanese logistics company to acquire CEIV Pharma certification. March 2017, Yusen Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH acquired GDP certification at Frankfurt Airport. In Asia, PT. Yusen Logistics Indonesia became the first logistics business in Indonesia to acquire GDP certification at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in July 2016 and became the first logistics provider near Surabaya, Indonesia to obtain GDP certification at Tanjung Perak Port and Juanda International Airport in March 2018. In September 2018, we were the first Japanese air freight forwarder at Kansai International Airport to acquired IATA-CEIV Pharma certification. In addition, our group are expanding operations bases that comply with GDP in each country.


Yusen Logistics will acquire CEIV Pharma certification at Narita International Airport, with the aim of establishing a high-quality pharmaceutical logistics service, and globally expanding its supply chain and logistics services that cater to customer needs.


(*)GDP Good Distribution Practice

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