Dec 02, 2020

Yusen Logistics provides ongoing support with COVID-19 challenges

When the coronavirus pandemic first came to light in early January 2020, Yusen Logistics started to take action to protect its people and its operations. This included even closer collaboration with our customers to ensure supply chains were not affected.

The past year has presented us with a variety of complex, unforeseen and unprecedented challenges, such as immediate full and partial country lockdowns, manufacturing shutdowns, restricted freedom of movement and major blue-chip companies – including some airlines – going into administration.

As many of these challenges are likely to continue into 2021, it is important to be able to depend on a logistics service provider (LSP) who will go the extra mile, is innovative and thinks outside the box. During this past year, Yusen Logistics has continued to safeguarded existing supply chains, as well as supporting the global distribution of urgent healthcare shipments – from personal protective equipment (PPE) to vaccines. Besides helping our customers meet their expectations, we have also helped to save people’s lives.

Now that pharmaceutical companies are launching vaccines which will help everyday life get back to normal, the world is moving into the next phase of the pandemic. Around 150 vaccines are currently at various clinical trial stages. One has been approved and is being deployed (UK) as we speak, others could potentially be launched by the end of this year. This is a substantially shorter time to market than the pharmaceutical industry’s usual product development period of around six years, these new drugs are being developed and brought to market in less than one year.

Because of this speed and the temperature regimes that are required, there will be several new challenges. The distribution of these vaccines has been likened to the biggest logistical undertaking since the Second World War and at Yusen Logistics, we have identified five key challenges which will need to be tackled to ensure supply chains can meet the global expectations:

1.            High-stakes supply chains

2.            Maintaining temperature control

3.            Numerous uncertainties

4.            Capacity limitations

5.            Contingency, flexibility, security

Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring these five challenges in more detail. We will highlight how we continue to support our customers by helping them to mitigate the associated risks and show we are well prepared to meet the upcoming global COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

*Read more about our COVID-19 approach here.