Nov 12, 2015

Yusen Logistics Brings Japan’s finest Foods into Singapore for Oishii Japan 2015

Many months of hard work have culminated to a successful showcase of Yusen Logistics’ capabilities as a total logistics service provider for Oishii Japan 2015. The Oishii Japan exhibition, held in Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre from 22nd to 24th October 2015, is ASEAN's largest dedicated exhibition for Japanese food and beverage. Yusen Logistics Singapore is proud to be appointed as Oishii Japan's recommended freight forwarder.

Yusen Logistics Singapore worked collaboratively with Yusen Logistics Japan to coordinate shipments for 80 exhibitors from various Japanese prefectures right to their respective booths. The range of shipments included a plethora of fresh, frozen and processed food commodities and appliances. Approximately 500 products spanning across ambient, cool and frozen temperature needs and numerous import regulatory requirements were successfully shipped into Singapore for the exhibition. 80% of the total 10 ton uplift was by air.

A key feature at the booth this year was a focus on displaying logistics technology, namely the VIP Box and the Maxtend Controlled Atmosphere Container. The VIP Box is a foldable cooler box made from thin, lightweight and heat insulation material to keep contents cool for international forwarding and domestic trucking. With the support of one of our clients, Chitose Bio Evolution, we were able to ship in their fresh produce using the VIP box, which doubled up as a cool storage box at the booth for demonstration. Similarly, the Maxtend Controlled Atmosphere (CA) container prolongs shelf life of agricultural produce. It does so by regulating the atmospheric conditions using an automatic sensor that detects the proportion of O2 level within a reefer container. The CA technology enhances the option to ship foods by ocean. From temperature controlled warehousing and distribution to value added services and supply chain visibility, Yusen Logistics will continue to provide fast, reliable dynamic supply chain solutions with our network of food logistics specialists in this highly demanding Food and beverage sector.