Jan 11, 2016

Yusen Logistics Delivers Critical -60°c Medication for Brain Surgery Patient from Ireland to Turkey

Yusen Logistics’ expertise in handling the most sensitive of cargoes was recently put to the test, when vital medication was required in order for brain surgery to take place at a specialist ward in Turkey.

With a patient awaiting surgery for a brain tumour in hospital in Ankara, a box of Gliadel implants needed to be transported urgently with a lead time of three days door to door from Prostrakan’s stockholding in Ireland to the hospital.


Gliadel implants, which contain a powerful chemotherapy drug, | are inserted into the patient’s brain after a tumour has been removed in order to continue fighting the cancer after the operation has been completed. During surgery the surgeon will put up to eight implants into the area from where the tumour has been removed. The implants then dissolve over two to three weeks, releasing carmustine directly into the brain tissue.


It is imperative that this unique, specialist product is maintained under the most stringent conditions throughout the supply chain, remaining at extremely low temperatures in order to avoid contamination. The Yusen Logistics designed solution successfully achieved a Mean Kinetic Temperature of -60°c throughout the entire movement from Ireland to Turkey.


The delivery was completed successfully with the product arriving in perfect condition.