Feb 25, 2016

PT. Yusen Logistics Indonesia Launches Own Consolidation Air Freight Forwarding Service from Semarang Airport

PT. Yusen Logistics Indonesia has launched an own consolidation air freight forwarding service from Semarang Airport (Achmad Yani International Airport) in Central Java. The new service provides customers with a faster and more cost-effective forwarding solution, which facilitates integrated in-house handling and includes both customs clearance and collection.

The new service has been introduced to support the growing number of businesses moving into the region, and to improve the existing local supply chain. Previously, air freight from Semarang required land transportation to Jakarta, 500 kilometers west from Semarang, where it would be forwarded on from Jakarta International Airport. However, because road conditions in the region are poor and vulnerable to flooding, PT. Yusen Logistics Indonesia sought to develop a faster and more reliable solution.

In addition to the new consolidation service, PT. Yusen Logistics Indonesia can now provide higher quality export operations for customers with bases in Semarang. Operations include airway bill issue and customs clearance, now processed in Semarang instead of in Jakarta. This has reduced lead time by approximately twenty four hours and has significantly minimized total transportation costs.

From Semarang, freight can now be forwarded by air worldwide via Jakarta, Denpasar, Singapore or other airports; facilitating flexible management of urgent customer shipments. If shipments are delivered to the Company’s appointed location in Semarang by 14:00, it is possible to arrange for them to arrive at Narita International Airport, Japan, the following morning.

PT. Yusen Logistics Indonesia aims to continue improving and expanding supply chain solutions within the region, providing its customers with optimum freight forwarding services.