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Unified IT platform powered by Yusen Logistics

As simple or sophisticated as the task demands

From instant quotations, bookings, and cargo tracking, to complex operational optimization and prediction, Yusen Vantage is our unified IT platform that adapts to your supply chain requirements -  providing you with the data and services needed to make better and more insightful real-time decisions.

Yusen Vantage

Yusen Vantage | Focus

Providing the quote, booking and tracking services you need to manage your international freight forwarding shipments.  Available to anyone, anywhere in the world, any time of day.

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Yusen Vantage | Performance

Our powerful tools combine operational efficiency and end-to-end visibility with predictive analytics - providing new levels of insight to help you optimize your supply chain.

Yusen Vantage | Focus | Quote and Book

Get a quote, book and track your shipment online. 

Export quote: From HK, SG, VN <Available now>

Import quote: To HK, SG, VN, CN, US, JP <Available now>


Yusen Vantage | Focus | Track  

Track your shipment in one easy step.

Yusen Vantage | Performance

Access all the features you need – but only pay for what matters. Yusen Vantage Performance is a modular, customizable IT system providing new levels of insight to optimize your supply chain.

Advanced visibility:

Information Management

Operational management:

Operational optimization:

Risk & compliance management: