Levels of Control beyond Supply Chain Visibility

With increased supply chain complexity driving extended lead times, it’s not surprising that visibility is taking center stage in today’s global supply chain. Companies are now seeking highly customized levels of control that go beyond simple shipment visibility.

That is exactly what the Griffin supply chain visibility portal delivers. It provides greater control over operational processes as well as a single, secure central communications portal and instant access to business-critical information. With controlled access, it can be shared with suppliers and third party service providers.

Best of all, Griffin’s foundations are built around our industry-wide expertise. We simply take those foundations and add a layer of your specific requirements and processes – industry best practice tailored completely to your business.

Origin Management

Cloud based PO and vendor management tools, providing:

  • Auto booking and shipping alerts
  • eBooking functionality
  • Exception management reporting

Cloud Based Visibility

  • Critical supply chain information summarized on a single screen
  • Vessel, shipment, container, PO and SKU level visibility
  • Milestones updates - pre-PO to destination delivery

Lead Time Based Services

When lead time is the determining factor, you can choose from:

  • Express - 1-2 days for urgent cargo
  • Standard - 3-5 days, flexible choice
  • Economy - 5-7 days, maximizing cost effectiveness

Destination Management

  • Documents available online for Customs clearance via eDoc functionality
  • Demurrage management tools and alerts
  • System updates can be made by third party customs / delivery agents


  • Griffin is configurable by Yusen Logistics’ in-house development team, allowing for faster development times and customized logic built around your specific standard operating procedures. It delivers answers in seconds to help make more informed decisions. This provides customers with greater supply chain agility and reduced inventory and landed costs.
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