Integrated Logistics Information to Visualize your Complete Supply Chain.

NEXT integrates information from multiple logistics systems, providing a complete view of your global Supply Chain. This system supports reducing total inventory and lead times, improving labor efficiency, and leads to increased optimization of your supply chain. Through our data management processes, the information can power business intelligence, supporting business planning and supply chain strategy decisions.

Solutions from NEXT

Reduction of overstocking and prevention of short stock
- Visualizing in-transit inventory removes excess orders and prevents short stock.
Transit Cost Reduction
- Visibility of inventory and stock alert function reduces urgent air transit for short stock prevention.
Prevention of delays in delivery date
- Management of cargo status by PO or item prevents the risk of the delivery delay.
Operation Support
- Document sharing platform and events/alert function reduces your operations workload.
Decision-making support
- Data of your transactions and KPIs supports your decision-making process