Double Deck Container

Yusen Logistics Innovates with Double Deck Container Service

Importers and exporters are constantly endeavoring to improve loading efficiency of ocean containers, while reducing transportation costs. That’s why the industry has welcomed another major innovation from Yusen Logistics – double stacking in specially converted ocean containers.

The company’s Double Deck Container Service was developed jointly with NYK’s R&D subsidiary, MTI, who’s role is to design and develop new equipment and systems that can save energy, hence costs, and transform logistics and cargo handling operations.

Double Deck Container Service Offers New Levels of Flexibility; Improved Loading Efficiencies; Fewer Packing Materials, Lower Costs and Reduced Emissions

  • Double stacking inside ocean containers through specialized decks creates upper and lower sections, significantly increasing capacity and improving damage control of smaller items
  • Suspended from the container ceiling using 'lashing eyes’, decks can quickly be installed.
  • Available on all shipping lines’ dry containers
  • Particularly suitable for large and unstackable cargoes, such 
as electrical products, chemicals, foodstuffs automobiles and motorbikes

Reduced packing materials and lower emissions are more ways in which we can help our customers to meet their CSR goals.

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