Vibration Control Pallets

Another Innovation from Yusen Logistics to Protect Your Sensitive Freight

Sourcing products from overseas offers so many advantages – and raises so many new challenges. Whether you are transporting precision equipment, medical instruments or foodstuffs, local road conditions can present a major headache. And air-suspension trucks can be costly and, in some countries, not even available. That’s why we developed a whole new technology – vibration control pallets.

Secure, Reliable Transportation, Regardless of Local Road Conditions

Our new solution is delightfully simple, combining Yusen Logistics’ innovative vibration control pallets with everyday trucks.

  • Protection from vibration and impact, in the warehouse, on the road
  • Defense against both vertical and horizontal vibration or shock
  • Suitable for all transport modes, by sea, land or air
  • An ideal alternative, where air suspension trucks are not available

We can integrate our vibration control pallets across a wide range of our services, anywhere within your extended supply chain.

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