Order Management & Control Tower Solutions

Let Yusen Logistics step in and simplify the logistics process. Our Order Management & Control Tower Solutions help you retain visibility, standardize processes, centralize decision-making, strengthen supply chain resilience, and maintain end-to-end operational excellence, all managed through a dedicated account team driving your success. Built around your unique needs and responsive to market and regulatory changes, our customized solutions are smart, flexible and made to scale.

We offer an end-to-end, quantitative snapshot of your real-time supply chain, giving you critical insight and actionable intelligence to mitigate risk and develop continuous improvement strategies. This lets you make timely and informed business decisions that are backed by solid data and expertise.

Providing critical insight with a dedicated team of industry experts

Global Visibility and Monitoring

Our Yusen Vantage platform provides real-time tracking and cutting-edge supply chain management tools, giving you broad end-to-end oversight for reliable monitoring of complex, global scenarios.

Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

To streamline communication and quickly resolve issues across your supply chain, we offer a dedicated team as your SPOC to manage and monitor performance, saving you unnecessary stress, time and expense.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

With SOPs tailored to your business, we guarantee you will get the same high standard of service globally, no matter where your operations take you.

Continuous Operational Optimization

When it comes to operational excellence, our expert team looks at the big picture to help you realize continuous improvements. We act as the critical interface between your external and internal partners, identifying synergies and reducing complexity.

Centralized, Compliant Data Management

With automated data management and a comprehensive overview of your entire supply chain, our Yusen Vantage platform helps you measure the KPIs crucial to your success. With built-in data validation and intelligent automation for delivery and regulatory compliance, you will also save both time and effort, while mitigating risk.

Intelligent Logistics Control

By intelligently managing every aspect of your global logistics network, a dedicated Control Tower builds flexibility and resilience into your supply chain while giving you a centralized overview of your operations, even across multiple vendors and countries.

Proactive Destination Management

With Destination Management Solutions, our Yusen Vantage platform provides holistic insights prior to your shipments arriving at destination ports for better destination planning, such as ensuring smoother customer clearance, avoiding detention and demurrage fees. Our origin operations can also be fully integrated with destination logistics, including managed care at all ports along the way.

Yusen Logistics Order Management Network

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Case study

Order Management Solution

A total solution to help you and suppliers manage orders at the item and purchase-order level prior to the shipment process

Destination Management Solution

Well integrated suite of end-to-end solutions, with forecasting insights and tools, to manage inbound logistics from origins

Document Management Solution

Automating hundreds and thousands of supply chain paperwork and ensuring documents compliance have never been so easy

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