Local Services

Freight Forwarding


FCL Service

  • Best shipping routes and options with core carrier program with all major carriers.
  • Custom clearance and door-to-door delivery
  • FCL service with cargo trucking information from overseas ports


LCL Service

  • Worldwide LCL operation with more direct services
  • Custom clearance from each CFS


Special Container & Special/Conventional Vessel

  • Special handling of DG / Hazcargo
  • Specialised sea cargo container service


Buyers Consolidation Service

  • Unified management to purchase logistics from several suppliers
  • Reduce supply costs and lead times

Customs Clearance

Knowledge of the customs regulations of both importing and exporting countries is critical for smooth door to door global transportation. Employees at Yusen Logistics who are well versed in the customs laws of each country confirm the required procedures for imports and exports, provide total support for related tasks and coordinate quick amd accurate customers clearance.


Land Transportation

To guarantee high-quality global forwarding systems, a logistics provider must have the ability to efficient collect and store cargo in ley locations, and the means to effectively manage delivery by air and ocean transport to each destination using the method and routing best suited for each specific type of cargo.

In Japan, Yusen Logistics has established optimal cargo collection and delivery services by forming alliances with major land transportation companies. Overseas, we are enhancing company-owned shuttle truck services to strengthen a "hub and spokes" approach centered on our gateway cities.


Contract Logistics

Companies have vastly different logistics strategies depending on their industry and business category, and the products they handle. Even within a single company, distribution stategy must respond flexibility to market trends, regional characterstics and the legal and regulatory systems in each country. Similar measures are required when firms expand in scale and change their business policies as they grow.

To meet these needs, Yusen Logistics operates through a network of bases spanning about 40 countries across the globe. We optimize our clients' overall logistics system and provide overall conteact logistics services by taking advantage of an array of distribution functions, from product and cargo pickup, storage, inspection, sorting, labeling and other logistics processing at warehouses; delivery to designated recipents; import / export freight forwarding; to IT-based supply chain management.

Warehouse information

  • 19 States
  • 67 Locations
  • 2.6 Million SQ Ft