Local Services

Yusen Logistics (Lao) has endeavored to provide the high-end product forwarding with:
Utilized global network ensuring your forwarded stuff will arrive its precise destinations.
Supporting in developing your business supply chains.

Eradicating obstruction of product transportations.
Networking with local suppliers.

Less time leads.
Appreciating to customers.
Outstanding Logistics Performance.


International Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding, Land Transportation

With the network worldwide, Yusen Logistics (Lao) provides the high quality reliable forwarding service to our customers. It is guaranteed that all the customers’ forwarded products will arrive their destinies around the world with less time lead, reasonable cost.


Domestic Air Freight Forwarding and Land Transportation

With two office locations throughout the country, and the longstanding relationship with many local and aboard carriers, customers’ products are ensured to reach its place quickly and safely.


Customs Clearance

With the knowledge of The Lao Customs Regulation of our professional customs clearance team, Yusen Logistics (Lao) is able to offer you a quick and accurate customs clearance services decisively





Consulting Inbound and Outbound Logistics

With the longstanding experiences in domestic and international logistics consulting, Yusen Logistics (Lao) intends to assist our valued customer to identify, solve any logistics operation problems, improve their companies’ logistics performances by providing them with guidance, information and strategic planning.




One unique thing about Yusen Logistics (Lao) is that we support and provide logistics services to Lao's coffee bean export.

In June 2019, we signed an official logistics partnership agreement with the Lao Coffee Association (LCA). Through this partnership, we will utilize our logistics expertise and global network, to support the export promotion of Laos coffee.