Local Services

Yusen Logistics Philippine`s Logistics Division provides customized warehousing and domestic delivery operations fit to the requirements of our customers. We also provide services categorized as project cargo, which includes palletizing, crating, vanning, devanning, and other special services for the movement of machines and other highly sensitive cargo that requires special equipment and or other unique activities.


Service guide


  • Warehousing

Our warehousing operations can be categorized into two main types: PEZA and Non-PEZA warehouse operations. Our PEZA warehouse operation is done through our PEZA accredited company – Yusen Logistics Center, Inc.  We have a variety of clients including Local Export companies as well as non-residential customers whom we serve under VMI operations. For our Non-Peza clients, we provide warehousing operations for their raw materials and or finished goods needed for distribution.


  • In-Plant Operations

For clients who opt to use their existing facility, we have the option of providing in-plant logistics operations wherein we would handle the clients’ logistics requirements, such as warehousing and other material handling operations. This allows our clients to focus on their key competence, which is production and selling of their products. The logistics and distribution solution is then provided by a lead logistics provider such us.


  • Domestic Distribution

Domestic Distribution is also a key specialty of Yusen Logistics Philippines as we currently cater to top appliance and motorcycle clients for their distribution requirements throughout the Philippines. We also provide distribution solutions to our Peza clients who need to deliver to customers in other zones within the Philippines. This is known as constructive export.


  • Project Cargo

The Logistics Division of Yusen Logistics Philippines also caters to Project Cargo requirements. We have a dedicated team that handles the crating/un-crating, palletizing, unboxing, rigging, positioning or other unique activities for machines or other cargo that has special handling requirements. With over ten years` experience, Yusen Logistics Philippines has completed an array of special movements for various clients.