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Core Serives List:


Air Freight Forwarding

With decades of experience in air freight forwarding, Yusen Logistics is one of the most well respected air freight forwarders in the industry, providing flexible and reliable, yet cost effective solutions to both multinational and local firms in Thailand. Our customers are well known companies from various industries including automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, consumer products, and chemical.

  • We guarantee on-time deliveries.
  • We operate on flexible schedules
  • We have strong connections with major airlines.
  • We own warehouse facilities and transportation fleets.
  • We are Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) certified.
  • We are a member of Thai Air Freight Forwarders Association (TAFA).
  • Our agents are International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved.


Professional Provided Services
Air Freight Forwarder Consolidation Services for many destinations such as Tokyo, Chicago,and Frankfurt

  • Door to Door Service
  • Door to Airport Service
  • Airport to Airport Service
  • Airport to Door Service
  • Exclusive Charter Flight


Ocean Freight Forwarding

Yusen Logistics has been in the ocean freight forwarding business for a long time. We are highly recognized by our customers and other companies in the same industry as one of the leading ocean freight forwarders in the world. Trust that we have gained from our customers is a solid evidence of our dedication.

  • We have good relationships with many leading vessel operators.
  • We operate under our own global IT system that enables effective flows of information between origin and destination offices.
  • We assign each customer with a representative who will work with them until works are completed.


Professional Provided Services
In order to exceed our customers' expectation, Yusen Logistics has a variety of ocean freight forwarding solutions for our customers' supply chains.

  • Import & Export Full Container Loaded (FCL)

This service is ready to serve globally under Yusen Logistics' own network coverage with carrier neutral to provide best possible options for customers

  • Export Less Than Container Load (LCL) Own Consolidation Service

This service operates exclusively both indoor CFS at Bangktoggleok Port and Lat Krabang ICD with the use of our own network coverage for easiness of shipment monitoring.

  • Import Less Than Container Load (LCL) Own Consolidation Service

We provide LCL import ocean freight from several origin countries to Bangkok CFS, Lat Krabang ICD, and Laem Chabang CFS.

  • International Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) Service

Under unified HBL of Yusen Logistics, we are an exclusive licensed NVOCC service provider, who always provides the best services and solutions for customers worldwide. We also specialize in acting as a representative forwarding agent for non-residential client to collect cargoes from several vendors and arrange total logistics service under client's instruction (buyer consolidation service) with cost effectiveness.


Origin Cargo and Vendor Management

Since 1992, Yusen Logistics has been helping international merchandisers around the world manage their vendors in Thailand. We step in and reduce their works by acting as a middle man that helps them coordinate with their vendors. Our ability is well recognized among many well-known merchandisers in many industries including pharmaceutical and consumer product.

  • We have high supply chain visibility for our customers to track their shipments.
  • We put a lot of efforts into our works to ensure supply chain security for our customers.
  • We operate on a specialized global IT system that allows data to flow smoothly across the borders.

Professional Provided Services
Our experience in origin cargo order and vendor management has helped us understand what kinds of services the customers are looking for. This allows us to offer high quality services that give the customers exactly what they need.

  • Vendor Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • OCM Warehouse Management
  • Buyer Consolidation Management


Customs House Brokerage

With the complexity of customs processes and regulations, it becomes very challenging for companies to import and export goods into and out of Thailand while trying to be 100 percent compliant with the regulations. With our knowledge and experience in customs brokerage, we have helped our customers in various industries deal with the complexity in customs clearance.

  • We are the first exclusive licensed customs brokerage in Thailand.
  • We have more than 33 customs specialists and 100 licensed customs broker agents (Permit).
  • We use a deliberated auditing process before transferring data to the Thai Customs Department.
  • We have a dedicated IT team who develops and continuously improves our customs brokerage software.
  • Our IT in-house capability allows us to quickly response to any update in customs regulation.
  • We provide a flexible paperless system such as E-Import, E-Export, E-Payment, and E-warehousing.


Professional Provided Services
By working with multinational firms across various industries, we have an experience in almost every kind of import and export customs brokerage related works. Moreover, our employees have undergone intensive trainings to maximize their ability to deliver high quality and reliable services in many different cases such as:

  • Customs and IEAT Free Zone
  • Tax Compensation
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Free Zone Warehouse and Container Yard
  • Privilege Applications
  • Board of Investment (BOI)
  • Duty Drawback under Bis19 Section
  • Coordination with Related Government Agencies
  • Van Provider Service



Yusen Logistics Thailand has several truck terminals in Central and Eastern regions which are located nearby to major seaports including Bangkok Port and Laem Chabang Port. The truck terminals are also closed to major industrial estates such as Amatanakorn, Eastern Seaboard, and Maptaphut Industrial Estate.


Professional Provided Services
With the understanding that strong transportation network can strengthen our customers’ supply chain, we offer a variety of transportation services to our customers so that they can have an advantage over their competitors.

  • Container Transport

Our container trailers for both export and import can handle 20-, 40-,and 45- feetcontainers, high cube reefer containers, and ISO tanks.

  • Domestic Distribution

We provide all kinds of domestic trucks including 4-wheel pickups, 6- and 10-wheel trucks, and 18- 18-wheel commercial vehicles.

  • Chemical Lorry Transport

We provide 10-wheel lorry trucks and also 18-wheel semi-trailers for bothdangerous and non- dangerous cargos. All chemical lorry tanks are approved and registered in accordance with the new department of industrial work regulation. All drivers for dangerous cargos hold class 4 licenses and are trained to handle emergency situations and corporate with our emergency team who stands by for 24 hours a day.

  • Cross Border Transport

With cost effective and reliable service, Yusen Logistics has developed a cross border service to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, China, and Cambodia. We cooperated with affiliated companies at each destination to enable speedy, punctual, and safe deliveries for our customers.

  • Milk Run Transport

By dedicating our own trucks to pick up products from their vendors many times a day, we give our customers an opportunity to enjoy the flexibility of our milk run service at a very competitive rate.

  • Nationwide Distribution
  • For customers that need support for nationwide distribution, Yusen Logistics has a solution for them. With distribution centers strategically located across Thailand, we can safely store and quickly deliver their shipments to the destinations.



Yusen Logistics’ warehousing service is available in major cities of Thailand with over 260,000 square meters of space. Our facilities are strategically located in areas such as Bangna, Chonburi, Rayong, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Navanakorn, and Korat.

Professional Provided Services
In order to serve customers in different industries, we have built different types of warehouses to handle various types of products. Below are different types of warehouses that we own.

  • General Warehouse

In terms of general warehouses, Yusen Logistics has distinguished itself from our competitors by having well-trained teams of professional at every warehouse facility to provide the best warehouse management for our customers.

  • Steel Warehouse

With our well-equipped steel warehouses, Yusen is able to handle different typesof steel products in the market. Our customers trust in our experience and facilities.

  • Bonded/Free Zone Warehouse

Since more and more companies are taking advantages of the bonded and free zone warehouses, Yusen Logistics is only a few in the market that have bonded and free zone facilities to serve our customers.

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Warehouse

At Yusen Logistics, we also provide warehousing service for products such as food and electronics that need to be in a hygienic environment. We seriously take GMP into account while designing and operating our warehouses.

  • Temperature-Controlled Warehouse

To handle products that need to be in temperature controlled areas, we have built warehouses with temperature controlled rooms to serve our customers’ needs and prevent products from becoming defected.

  • Dangerous Goods (DG) Warehouse

In order to appropriately manage dangerous goods in a warehouse, it requires both well-trained professionals and regulation compliant facility. At Yusen Logistics, we have it all. We can also handle various classes of dangerous goods.


Container Yard

Yusen Logistics Thailand provides container yard service with professional equipment such as top-lifters, reach stackers, and 6 tons forklifts. The total space for our container yard operation is approximately 105,000 square meters including 6,500 of Free Zone container yard. Our container yard service is available in many areas including Bangna, Laem Chabang, Sriracha, and Maptaphut.


On-Site Logistics Service

For firms that would like to have on-site logistics supports, Yusen Logistics Thailand can provide well- trained staffs that will operate with them on sites to serve their logistical needs. Examples of our services and experience are listed below.

Professional Provided Services

  • On-Site Warehouse ManagementOperate warehouse management at a well-known electronics plant since 1997 and also at another well-known chemical plant
  • On-Site Import and Export CoordinatorProvide staffs as import and export coordinators to work with production planners, follow up shipments, generate all export documents, freight audit, and work with customs brokers and
  • On-Site Supply Chain SolutionAssign a logistics specialist stationed at a well-known consumer production plant to analyze the customer’s supply chain and implement improving & cost reduction solutions